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Customer on Site
Baling Management


These services are tailored towards each customer's needs and volumes. How much waste is received from a customer's site generally depends on which is the most efficient and most convenient for them.

We can procure, install and maintain
balers on your premises. This enables you
to minimise the volume of waste and clutter
at your site, helping to ensure that you are running an efficient operation.

Sometimes material supplied by others
needs to be re-baled. We run an efficient
contract baling operation.

Materials we Recycle

Beneficial Recycling currently recycles the materials listed below:



Fibres (Cardboard and Paper)

Responsible Use of Waste

Bulka Bags, Plastic Drums, Plastic Bottles,
HDPE Pipe, Clear Film, Plastic Wrap, Plastic Storage Containers

Cardboard, Paper Box Board, Fine Paper,Newspapers, Magazines,
Catalogues, Milk / Juice Cartons

The material we handle is reused in both Australia and export markets. This means that the largest amount of your waste is reused in
an environmentally friendly way.

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